LOVE TO ALL OF YOU ON THIS BLOG’S FIRST ANNIVERSARY!  We begin an early celebration of Valentine’s Day, which we will continue daily until the 14th of February!
Thanks, brothers (and some sisters, too) for your support of this venture.  Yes, it was February 5th, 2011 when we began this effort:
1. To be sure we not only feel good about who we are—gay, straight or bi, but also proud of our orientation and identity.  This was the subject of our first post and thus worth putting first in this list.(For the original post: and as we developed into a separate page (to which we continually add content):
2. That we treat masturbation as a sacred part of our natural selves—something virtually all of us do (or have done)—a time to communicate with ourselves and enjoy the deep physical pleasures that are also part of our humanity.   In doing so we counter guilt, shame, and fear that have been used to defile this sacred part of the human experience.  We’ve constructed a page to help us develop our “craft” into an art form:  Please continue to make inputs as the page is, by definition, always under construction….
3. That we value love in same-sex relationships much as we do loving relationships between men and women.  When we feel good about and love ourselves, we are better able to love others.  We celebrate same-sex relationships—men loving men—in our Loving Couples Series. The photography captures the beauty of this expression of love whether just holding hands, kissing, frotting, and the like or deeply in  manly embrace.
4. That we celebrate the artistry, poetry, literature, drama, cinema, and other great contributions gay and bisexual men have made and, of course. still do. In his pursuit, we continue our exploration of rather diverse figures to include  Shakespeare (or was it really Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford), Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, Walt Whitman, C.P. Cavafy, Gore Vidal and countless others still on our list for future postings.
5. That we unpack the (mis)interpretations that underlie the war between religion and sexuality that are at the root of the guilt, shame and fear that cause so much harm.  For those of us who are religious to a greater or lesser degree, we can take comfort in knowing that God made us the way we are.  For those of us who are secular, we see who we are simply as part of nature.  We’ve started this part of our exploration with the beautiful love between David and Jonathan, earlier with Onan’s woeful tale.  Much more in this vineyard to explore….
So on this our first anniversary there is still so much to do.  Please help by sending your inputs to:

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